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About Us

We started GetThirsty, recognizing the need for reusable drinkware solutions in today's environmental climate. With 500,000 single-use plastic straws used globally each day and the consumption of single-use bottles and disposable cups increasing every year, we thought of how we could reduce our single-use plastics around the house and recognized how we saw it most in our drinkware choices. From our daily coffee trips to the bottle of water we grabbed with lunch, we started to see just how much our single-use plastics were adding up. As busy people who always seem to be on the go, we wanted to find reusable options that we could feel good about and that would fit our lifestyle.

In wanting to make a bigger impact than just ourselves, we decided to offer convenient, sleek, drinkware solutions to others wanting to cut back on their single-use plastics. Currently, we would like to reduce single-use plastics by offering reusable drinkware solutions for people on the go. We believe access to clean drinking water is a right, so in looking to the future we hope to one day help bring clean drinking water solutions to communities across Canada.